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Dame in England History & Uses | What is a Dame? House of Bourbon | History, Rulers & Dynasties. Native American Wampums as Currency | Overview, History & Facts. William Wallace Overview & Death | Who was William Wallace? Danae and Zeus: Family & Mythology | Who was the Mother of Perseus? The thyrsus staff is a symbol of hedonism and fertility. Paper Sons & Daughters | Origin, History & Facts. Al Thani Family History & Rulers | Royal Family of Qatar, Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion | History, Facts & Purpose. Dylan graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Guilford College in Creative Writing, and has worked as a Teaching Assistant at Dartmouth College, where he is pursuing a Master's degree, also in Creative Writing. Act of Supremacy in 1534 | Overview, History & Significance, Khmer Rouge Regime | History, Leaders & Cambodian Genocide. John Nash, Mathematician: Life & Career | Who was John Nash? Houthi Movement in Yemen | Overview, Leader & Goals. 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Wallis Simpson Overview, Children & Life | Who was Wallis Simpson? The painting, which is oil on canvas, depicts the Roman deity Bacchus, the equivalent to the Greek Dionysus, as a child being carried upon a wild boar in a triumphal procession. Dionysus was often depicted carrying a thyrsus, which was seen as a symbol of his power and divine nature. Mary Rose Ship: Shipwreck & Museum | What was the Mary Rose? 30 May 2022. Vassalage History & Purpose | What was a Vassal in the Middle Ages? The thyrsus, associated with Dionysus (or Bacchus) and his followers, the Satyrs and Maenads (or Bacchants), is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, hedonism, and pleasure/enjoyment in general. Pakistan Independence Day | Origin, History & Significance. [4] The thyrsus was a sacred instrument at religious rituals and ftes. Satyr Characteristics & Myths | What are Satyrs in Greek Mythology? In Greek religion, the staff was carried by the votaries of Dionysus. "Thyrsus (grippin') Grape (eating')" Here, a reference is made to the staff Dionysus carries, Thyrsus which is made of reed and ivy. Bacchus. It is a tall rod that the Bacchae hold in one hand, usually made from fennel, wrapped with ivy and topped off with a pine cone. Hera, still displeased, wanted to kill Dionysus. Molly Maguires Overview & Significance | Who were the Molly Maguires? His personal attributes were an ivy wreath, the thyrsus, and the kantharos, a large two-handled goblet. Romanov Family Overview, History & Facts | Romanov Dynasty of Russia. Manticore History, Mythology & Facts | A Lion with Scorpion Tail. Censorship is an affront to Dionysus. Pleistocene History, Animals & Climate | When was the Last Ice Age? Daimyo History, Significance & Facts | What is a Daimyo? Thyrsus Staff. Eschatology Overview & Prophets | What is Eschatology? U.S. Army Signal Corps (USASC) | History, Role & Importance. The above fell into the garden the other day. Japanese Geisha: Role, History & Culture | What is a Geisha? Lilith Overview, Mythology & Facts | Who is Lilith in the Bible? Sadducees Overview, History & Facts | Who are the Sadducees? thyrsus: 2. He may be recognized by the thyrsus he carries. Wilmington Ten Overview & History | Who Are the Wilmington Ten? The staff also had a role in several specific myths such as the myth of Dionysus and the Titans or the story of his journey to the underworld. The thyrsus, associated with Dionysus (or Bacchus) and his followers, the Satyrs and Maenads, is a sy It is a long rod or staff adorned with ivy or vines and . Chief Justice John Roberts Life & Career | Who is John G. Roberts? In Roman mythology, he is represented by the god Bacchus. Czechoslovakia History & Dissolution | What Happened to Czechoslovakia? Tyr, Norse God of War | Origins, Attributes & Mythology, Triton God of the Sea | Overview, Mythology & Significance. The god Dionysus rides side-saddle on the back of a panther. Tng ng Etrusca. Meaning and Healing Properties, Do I Need Sapphire? Other characters to be depicted or described as carrying a Thyrsus include Dionysus votaries or followers such as the Maenads (in Greece) or Bacchae (in Rome). African National Congress Origin & Leaders | What is the ANC? Adriatic Sea Map & Facts | Where is the Adriatic Sea? Roman Dictators: History, Role & Selection. Emma Goldman Overview & Anarchy | Who was Emma Goldman? Zionism Origin & History | What is a Zionist? Lost Labyrinth of Egypt | Location, Origin & Significance. Staff. Grand Duchy of Tuscany | Overview, History & Significance. The Essex: Sinking & Legacy | What Happened to the Whaleship Essex? Neith Overview & Mythology | Who is the Egyptian Goddess Neith? Wagon Train Overview, History & Facts | What are Wagon Trains? Baal: Concept, Image & History | Who was the God Baal? Ariadne Of Crete | Family, Consorts & Role in Greek Mythology. 1776 in American History | Overview, Facts & Significance, Antebellum Architecture | Style, Characteristics & History. Copyright Symbol Sage 2022 All Rights Reserved. Seven Cities of Gold Mythology & Facts | Seven Cities of Cibola, Yonaguni Monument History & Facts | The Underwater Japanese Pyramid, Amiens Cathedral in France | History, Architecture & Interior, Ise Grand Shrine in Japan | Location, Origin & Significance. Jesse Jackson Life, Career & Children | Who is Jesse Jackson? Breton Language: History & Use | Where is Breton Brezhoneg Spoken? Mary Seacole, War Nurse: Biography & Family | Who was Mary Seacole? Pasiphae, Wife of King Minos: Mythology & Family | Who was Pasiphae? Anne Sullivan Biography, Facts & Books | Who was Anne Sullivan? Palestine Liberation Organization Leadership & History | What is the PLO? Gospel of Luke in the New Testament | Summary & Analysis, Amazons: History & Depictions | Warrior Women of Greek Mythology. The Three Kings History & Significance | Who were the Magi? A thyrsus /rss/ or thyrsos /rss/ (Ancient Greek: ) was a wand or staff of giant fennel (Ferula communis) covered with ivy vines and leaves, sometimes wound with taeniae and topped with a pine cone, artichoke,[1] or by a bunch of vine-leaves and grapes or ivy-leaves and berries, carried during Hellenic festivals and religious ceremonies. Battle of Puebla Day History & Celebration | Cinco de Mayo Overview, Black History Month | Background, Facts & People. Battle of Crete: Overview & History | What was Operation Mercury? In addition to these associations with prosperity and fertility, Dionysus was also known as a god of hedonism and excess. Cambodia Map, People & Language | Where is Cambodia? The Norns in Norse Mythology | Names, Roles & Facts, Greek Influence on Rome | Overview, History & Contributions. Thyrsus, a fennel staff with a pine cone at the top end, is the most common Dionysus symbol while other symbols of Dionysus include kantharos, the Greek drinking cups, grapevines/grapes, panthers and bulls. The thyrsus could turn water into wine when used by Dionysus. Hel, Norse Goddess of Death: Mythology & Story | Who is Hel? Catholic Epistles: List & Authors | Who Wrote the General Epistles? Corrections? Volga Bulgaria Overview, History & Facts | What was Volga Bulgaria? In these myths, Dionysus's thyrsus was seen as a symbol of his power and ability to overcome obstacles and enemies. In early Greek art the Bacchae were usually depicted as holding branches of vine or ivy, but after 530 bc the staff to which the name thyrsus properly applied began to be shown as a stalk of giant fennel (narthx) segmented like bamboo, sometimes with ivy leaves inserted in the hollow end. A Thyrus was the weapon of choice used by the Olympian God Dionysius. Brundtland Commission Purpose & History | What was the Brundtland Report? The painting by John Reinhard Weguelin, entitled Bacchus Triumphant, is a neoclassical depiction of the thyrsus. City of Harappa: Location & History | What is Harappa? Millets in the Ottoman Empire | System History, Concept & Facts. Roman Castra: History, Camps & Layout | What were Roman Forts? Charminar History & Facts | What is the Charminar in Hyderabad? 7 chapters | USS Arizona: History & Pearl Harbor | What was the Battleship Arizona? Bacchus, Liber. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Thyrsus is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, hedonism, and pleasure/enjoyment in general. Lega Nord: Overview, History & Leader | What is the Lega Nord? Freyr Overview, Symbols & Facts | Who was Frey in Norse Mythology? Jicarilla Apache | Location, History & Culture. The staff was a symbol of his divinity and was adopted by his followers in their ceremonies. It is a symbol related to his divine power as a hedonist and rejuvenator. Thyrsos Staff Spanish Tirso Thyrsus French Thyrsus -- German Thyrsus -- Italian Thyrsus -- Korean . Dionysus is the wildest Greek mythology figure. Ecumenism Principle, Overview & History | What is Ecumenism? Portland Vase Overview & Facts | What is the Portland Vase? Whitehall Palace History & Facts | Where is the Palace of Whitehall? A thyrsus or thyrsos (AncientGreek ) was a wand or staff of giant fennel (Ferula communis) covered with ivy vines and leaves, sometimes wound with taeniae and always topped with a pine cone. The god is depicted as a youth clothed in a bright blue robe, holding a thyrsus (pine-cone tipped staff) in his hand. Jack Swigert, Astronaut: Life & Career | Who was Jack Swigert? It is a long rod or staff adorned with ivy or vines and topped with a pinecone. Rainier III, Prince of Monaco: Life & Reign | Who was Rainier III? Both the Maenads/Bacchae and Satyrs were often depicted as using Thyrsus staves as weapons in battle. Manichaeism Overview, Theology & History | What is Manichaeism? Sicherheitsdienst: Overview, History & Origins | What was the SD? Church Committee Overview & Hearings | What was the Church Committee? Velvet Revolution: History & Result | What was the Velvet Revolution? Osama Bin Laden Family & 9/11 | Who was Osama Bin Laden? Liber: History, Facts & Myths | Who is the Roman God Liber Pater? Tulip Mania Overview & Crash | What was Tulip Mania? . Victoria Cross History & Recipients | What is the VC? Neo-Fascism History & Examples | What is Neo-Fascism? Real Irish Republican Army Origin & Purpose | What is the Real IRA? Erra, Akkadian God of Pestilence | Origin, Myths & Merge With Nergal. Thyrsus Origin & Symbol | What is the Staff of Dionysus? Franc Currency History & Use | Which Countries Use Francs? The Athanasian Creed Overview & Significance | What is the Athanasian Creed? Kim Il-Sung Leadership, Death & Biography | Who was Kim Il-Sung? Psychological Research & Experimental Design, All Teacher Certification Test Prep Courses. Baltic Sea Countries & Map | Where is the Baltic Sea? Pomerania Region, People & Map | Where is Pomerania? James Meredith Biography & Civil Rights Activism | Who Is James Meredith? Bellerophon in Greek Mythology: Overview & Story | Who was Bellerophon? December 28th, 2019. Thyrsus. Colonialism History, Effects & Examples | What is Colonialism? He is pictured as a beautiful young man draped in a fawn skin, holding the thyrsus, a staff or wand made of a fennel stalk wound with ivy. ARTICLES. Trajan's Column in Rome | Construction, Purpose & Significance. He wears a long sleeved wide neck shirt over a leopard print shirt, with his school jacket around his waist . Rand Currency: History & Banknotes | What is the South African Rand? Islam Origin & History | When was Islam Founded? Scrovegni Chapel History & Facts | What is Padua's Arena Chapel? Brahmo Samaj: History & Doctrine | Who Founded the Brahmo Samaj? White House History, Facts & Location | When was the White House Built? SLA Beliefs, History & Members | Symbionese Liberation Army. Austria Location, Capital & Population | Where is Austria? They would even use it as a musical instrument during celebrations. Those who wield the staff are loved by all and . Homelands Overview, History & Map | Bantustans in South Africa. si Mythology A staff tipped with a pine cone and twined with ivy, carried by Dionysus, Dionysian revelers, and satyrs. Elizabeth Woodville Reign, Siblings & Facts | Who was Elizabeth Woodville? Vanuatu Map, People & Facts | Where is Vanuatu? copyright 2003-2023 Study.com. It was usually surmounted by a pine-cone or by a bunch of vine-leaves and grapes or ivy-leaves and berries. Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs & Climate | When was the Cretaceous Period? Saddam Hussein Life, Rule & Death | Who was Saddam Hussein? Ecclesia in Ancient Greece: History & Facts | What is an Ecclesia? The fabulous history of Bacchus relates that he converted the thyrsi carried by himself and his followers into dangerous weapons, by concealing an iron point in the head of leaves. He is holding a thyrsus. Atlantis History, Myths & Facts | Where is the Lost City of Atlantis? Giovanni da Verrazzano Biography & Route | Giovanni da Verrazzano Overview. SOS History, Signals & Overview | What is SOS Morse Code? (n.) 1590s, from Latinized form of Greek thyrsos, literally "stalk or stem of a plant," a non-Greek word of unknown origin. Barnum Circus & History | Who is P.T. Dionysus was instructed in the "secrets of the gods," serving as a prophet. Philip Mountbatten Family, Role & Death | Who was Prince Philip? Pinball History: Overview & Development | Was Pinball Illegal? Northern Wei: History & Culture | What was the Northern Wei Dynasty? Vice President Kamala Harris: Life & Career | Who is Kamala Harris? Daimons Overview & Facts | Ancient Greek Mythological Demons. Antinous holding the thyrsus while posed as Dionysus ( Museo Pio-Clementino) A thyrsus /rss/ or thyrsos /rss/ ( Ancient Greek: ) was a wand or staff of giant fennel ( Ferula communis) covered with ivy vines and leaves, sometimes wound with taeniae and topped with a pine cone, artichoke, [1] or by a . Dionysus' avatar usually appears as a handsome young man carrying plenty of wine, a lyre, and a thyrsus (staff twined with . John Lewis Facts & Civil Rights Activism | Who was John Lewis? More like this. Dionysus: In thy right hand, and with thy right foot raise it". In art, iconography and literature, Dionysus and his followers are often seen carrying a thyrsus, which is a prominent symbol associated with the God. Joshua Chamberlain Charge & the Battle of Gettysburg | Who was Joshua Chamberlain? Libertas, Roman Goddess of Liberty | Mythology, History & Depictions. Price Revolution Timeline & Causes | What was the Price Revolution? Caucasian: Overview & People | What is a Caucasian Person? What Teiresias and Cadmus are wearing. Chemosh Overview & Mythology | The God of the Moabites. Q Source Overview, History & Facts | What is the Q Gospel? The thyrsus has a long history in Ancient Greece. Maya Religion Overview, Gods & Rituals | The Religion of the Maya. [8] The thyrsus was tossed in the Bacchic dance: Pentheus: The thyrsusin my right hand shall I hold it? Lombard Kingdom: Overview & History | Kingdom of the Lombards, Black Hole of Calcutta | Overview, Incident & History. NAWSA Overview & Facts | National American Woman Suffrage Association, History 106: The Civil War and Reconstruction, AP European History: Homework Help Resource, ILTS Social Science - History (246): Test Practice and Study Guide, GED Social Studies: Civics & Government, US History, Economics, Geography & World, High School US History: Homework Help Resource, High School US History: Tutoring Solution, Arete in Greek Mythology: Definition & Explanation, Eratosthenes of Cyrene: Biography & Work as a Mathematician, Gilgamesh as Historical and Literary Figure, Greek Civilization: Timeline, Facts & Contributions, Greek Historian Thucydides: Biography, Histories & Speeches, Working Scholars Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. Henry III of France: Family, Reign & Death | Who was Henry III? Mojave Desert Location & Overview | Where is the Mojave Desert? At the same time, that didnt stop them from ferociously wielding these staves in combat too. Looney Tunes | History, Cartoons & Characters, Santa Claus History & Origin | The Story of Saint Nick. Ernest Shackleton Expeditions & Legacy | Who was Ernest Shackleton? a staff tipped with a pine cone and sometimes twined with ivy and vine branches, borne by Dionysus and his votaries. [Image credit: EasyVectors.com - CC BY 2.5 ] In rural ancient Greece, the Dionysia festivals were celebrated with the performance of dithyrambs , choral hymns dedicated to Dionysus. Lethe: Overview, Mythology & Facts | Greek River of Forgetfulness, Australian Mythology: Gods & Creatures | Aboriginal Folklore & Legends. King Henry the 8th Family, Wives & Reign | Who was King Henry VIII? Brook Farm: Overview, History & Founders | What was Brook Farm? Letters of Marque History & Facts | What is a Letter of Marque & Reprisal? Scorched Earth Policy History & Facts | What are Scorched Earth Tactics? Ixion Overview & Facts | Who is Ixion in Greek Mythology? DESCRIPTION. Create an account to start this course today. Yakut People History & Culture | Who are the Sakha People? George W. Bush Life & Presidency | Who is George W. Bush? Dionysus is the Greek god of revelry, theater, and wine, and so the symbols often attributed to him are related, such as a grapevine. thyrsus. Dionysos trong thn thoi Hy Lp l v thn ru nho, l con trai ca thn Zeus vi mt cng cha ngi trn tn Semele. Maxwell Motor Company | History, Automobiles & Merge With Chrysler, Mac & Mc Surname Prefixes | Origin, History & Difference. Essenes: Overview, Beliefs & History | Who were the Essenes? fawnskins "But ____ wished to throw him out of heaven." . Basketball History, Facts & Rules | who Invented Basketball? Mummification History & Process | What are Mummies? Function: god of wine and drunkenness. The thyrsus was used in Ancient Greek culture as a symbol of rejuvenation by the deity Dionysus's followers. Second Spanish Republic: Overview & History | What was the Spanish Republic? Hygieia, Greek Goddess of Health: Mythology & Role | Who was Hygieia? Design System. Dionysus was depicted carrying a thyrsus in Ancient Greece, as was his Roman counterpart Bacchus in Ancient Rome. The thick boar-infested woods and the sere, olive-covered hillsides hold evidence of their passing. The Akedah Overview & Significance | What was the Binding of Isaac? Brazen Bull: Torture Device & Purpose | What was the Brazen Bull? $114,967). Commonwealth of Independent States: History & Countries | What is the CIS? Anzac Day History & Significance | What is Anzac Day in Australia? Astor Family History, Facts, & Overview | Who are the Astors? Crazy Horse Memorial | Location, History & Purpose. The thyrsus is a staff associated with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, fertility, and celebration, or his Roman equivalent called Bacchus. Catholic Church Cardinals: History & Roles | What are Cardinals? MK Ultra Project & Experiments | What is MK Ultra? So, while their methods may have been unique, the goal of the Maenads . Greek Gods. The bas-relief in bronze ye promised me,/Those Pans and nymphs ye wot of, and perchance/Some tripod, thyrsus, with a vase or so. Hindenburg Disaster Overview & Impact | What was the Hindenburg Disaster? [9], Sometimes the thyrsus was displayed in conjunction with a kantharos wine cup, another symbol of Dionysus, forming a male-and-female combination. Dagda Mythology & Symbols | Who is Dagda in the Celtic Pantheon? 841 lessons. Bambara People History & Facts | Who are the Bambara People? Swiss Guard Overview & History | The Swiss Guard at the Vatican. Athena Parthenos: Overview & History | Statue of Athena in the Parthenon. James Ewell Brown Stuart Life & Role | Who was J.E.B. Inuit History, Culture & Language | Who are the Inuit People? Python in Greek Mythology: Role & Location | What was the Python? Chinese Leader Zhou Enlai: Life & Reign | Who was Zhou Enlai? House of Este | Family, History & Significance. Dionysus is not only the wildest of all the gods; he is also very unique and has a diverse personality. Elizabeth the Queen Mother Biography & Children | Who was the Queen Mother? I feel like its a lifeline. More like this . The Vandals: History, Origin & Sack of Rome | Who were the Vandals? The Shakers: Religion History & Beliefs | What is Shakerism? A wand or staff called a thyrsus, was associated with the wine-god Dionysus (and his Roman equivalent Bacchus). Via Appia Overview & History | Significance of the Appian Way. Apep, Egyptian God of Chaos | Names, Myths & Difference From Set. Waco Compound Siege & Standoff | David Koresh & the Branch Dividians. Temples of Jerusalem: History & Locations | Where is Temple Mount? Io in Greek Mythology: History & Facts | Who is Io in Greek Mythology? Greek Vase Paintings 1. Tulsa Race Massacre Overview & History | What was Black Wallstreet? USS Indianapolis: History & Sinking | What Happened to the Indianapolis? . Washington Consensus Agenda & Policies | What was the Washington Consensus? European Expansion & Exploration | Timeline, Reasons & Effects. Buran History, Construction & Facts | The Russian Space Shuttle. Bacchae were depicted and described using them as weapons. Sea Serpent Mythology, History & Facts | Mythical Sea Dragon. According to this myth, the Titans once captured and imprisoned Dionysus to keep him from spreading his cult of wine and celebration. Ragnar Lodbrok Life & Legacy | Who was the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok? Treasury of Atreus History & Facts | Where is the Tomb of Agamemnon? Ruby Ridge Siege Overview & Outcome | What Happened at Ruby Ridge? Landsknecht Overview & History | Who were the Landsknechts? Javanese History, Culture & Facts | Who are the Javanese People? Zealots Overview & History | Who were the Zealots in the Bible? It is sometimes described as being made of wood, sometimes fennel in particular. Robert the Bruce, King of Scots: Life & Rule | Who was Robert the Bruce? Wyatt Earp Life, Career & Death | Who was Wyatt Earp? A staff entwined with ivy, and surmounted by a pine cone, or by a . Shirley Chisholm Career, Congress & Facts | Who was Shirley Chisholm? Water Into Wine. Michael Overview, History & Facts | Who is the Archangel Michael? 9.8K subscribers in the dionysus community. Australia Day Significance & History | What is Australia Day? P.T. He had a magical wine cup . Elizabeth Bathory Biography & Reputation | Who was the Blood Countess? Dionysus' blessing gives you a staff called "Thyrsus", which gives nearby players nausea . Iceland Location, Population & People | Where is Iceland? Medieval Page Overview, Duties & Facts | What was a Page Boy? Pahari People: History, Language & Culture | Who are the Paharis? Bourgeois History & Overview | What is the Bourgeoisie? It is sometimes described as being made of fennel or other types of wood, often seen with a pattern akin to bamboo. Peloponnesian League History & Members | What was the Peloponnesian League? DIONYSUS. Loretta Lynch: Life & Career | When was Lynch Attorney General? 142 followers. Euroscepticism: Perspective & History | What is Euroscepticism? Operation Torch History & Significance | What was Operation Torch? Aum Shinrikyo History & Attacks | What was Aum Shinrikyo Known For? Saints Overview & Role in the Catholic Church | What is a Saint? Blockade History, Regulations & Examples | What is a Blockade? Dionysus's staff is called a thyrsus. SEARCH THEOI. Office of Strategic Services History & Facts | What was the OSS in WWII? Monarchy Overview & Examples | What is a Monarchy? Mutapa Empire, History & Decline | What was the Kingdom of Mutapa? He holds a fennel staff, tipped with a pine-cone and known as a thyrsus. Both the Maenads/Bacchae and the Satyrs were often described as dancing with Thyrsus staves in their hands during Dionysus wild feasts. The thyrsus-rod is a scepter or long wand made from the stem or stalk of the giant fennel, often surmounted by a pine cone and also often adorned with long trailing vines of ivy. Neoconservatism Origin & Beliefs | What is a Neocon? Princess Diana Life, Accomplishments & Death | Who was Princess Diana? Interested in sex and wine. Burkina Faso Capital & Map | Where is Burkina Faso? {Thyrsi}. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Life & Career | Who was Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.? National Day of the People's Republic of China | History, Origin & Purpose, Titanic Passengers: Deaths & Survivors | People on the Titanic. Also, Macrobius (1.19.16) identifies Dionysus's thyrsus/wand as a solar artifact, as is Mercury's caduceus, the staff with intertwined snakes, essentially the same as Moses's rod. Narayana Origin & Legends | Who is Lord Narayana in Hinduism? Chrysaor Overview & Facts | Who is Chrysaor in Greek Mythology? The head of the staff can vary depending on the artist but its usually either a pine cone or its made out of vine leaves and grapes. Justice Sonia Sotomayor: Life & Career | Who is Sonia Sotomayor? Titanic & Her Sister Ships | Construction, Uses & Wrecks. Cu Chulainn Origin, Legends & Mythology | Who was Cu Chulainn? Dionysus managed to kill Eurytus with the thyrsus during the war against the Giants. Serpents, panthers and bulls are sacred animals of Dionysus while ivies, grapevines and . As such, Dionysus's followers, the Maenads or Bacchae, were known for their wild, ecstatic celebrations and rituals, which often involved dancing, singing, and the use of the thyrsus as a musical instrument. Updates? Second Estate Members & Roles | What was the Second Estate? Facebook History, Facts & Founders | When was Facebook Created? Four Sights of Buddha | Overview, Story & Importance. In Greek mythology, he is a youthful god of vegetation, wine and ecstasy, known as the "bull-horned god" because he often adopted the form of this mighty beast. Aten, Egyptian God: Mythology & Religion | Who was Aten? Kharijites History, Beliefs & Practices | Who were the Khawarij? Imperialism History, Time Period & Examples | What is Imperialism? The Immortals: Overview & History | Who were the Persian Immortals? Look at other dictionaries: Thyrsus Thyr sus, n.; pl. Aramaic Alphabet: Overview & Language | What was the Aramaic Alphabet? Law suits to come. [2] The thyrsus is typically associated with the Greek god Dionysus, and represents a symbol of prosperity, fertility, and hedonism similarly to Dionysus.[3]. They write new content and verify and edit content received from contributors. These were the female followers of Dionysus and their name literally translates as The Raving Ones.. Goddess Freyja Facts & Symbols | Who is Freyja in Norse Mythology? Hebrew Israelites | Overvew, History & Beliefs. The latter depictions of the object were commonplace after 530 BCE, and the former was popular during the Archaic period of Greece, beginning in 800 BCE. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Dionysus is strongly associated with the satyrs, centaurs and sileni. Dionysos Dionysus Bacchus . Lord Shiva the Destroyer | Hindu God of Destruction, Ancient Roman Philosophy | History, Theories & Philosophers. Blood Diamonds: History & Facts | What are Conflict Diamonds? The Thyrsus is most famous as the staff of Dionysus, the god of wine in Greek mythology. Presidential Election 2008 Overview & Results | Who was President in 2008? Civitas History, Facts & Overview | What was Roman Citizenship? Our editors will review what youve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The thyrsus had a religious meaning and was a symbol of prosperity, fertility, and hedonism. Ancient Greek Clothing | Styles, Outfits & History, Ancient Greek Currency | Types, Value & History, Ancient Roman Coins | History, Creation & Value, Ancient Roman Philosophers | List, Timeline & Philosophies. Guan Yu the God of War: Life & Legacy | Who was Guan Yu? Haniwa Overview & Purpose | What are the Haniwa? Some are armed with the thyrsus, some . Moro People: Overview & History | Who are the Moro People? While he has degrees in both Creative Writing and Marketing, much of his research and work are focused on history and mythology. Red Guard History, Facts & Overview | Chinese Red Guard Movement, Timurid Empire | History, Architecture & Map. Matthew Henson Timeline & Accomplishments | Who was Matthew Henson? Mount Rushmore Facts & History | Where is Mount Rushmore? Gr. Kwame Nkrumah Life & Presidency | Kwame Nkrumah Overview. Perun, Slavic God of Thunder: Mythology & Symbols | Who was Perun? The Black Watch Origin & Purpose | Who were the Royal Highlanders?