Opening ceremony 11/10/2013

Inauguration of new JEOL TEM Cs corrected ARM 200F in Catania Monday 11 Nov 2013 at the Carlo Marino Auditorium Building L7 - STMicroelectronics


Program of the event

10.00 Welcome and introduction 
Corrado R Spinella (director of CNR-IMM)

10.10 - 12.00 Speeches by

Massimo Inguscio (Director of the CNR-DSFTM)

Carmelo Papa
(Executive Vice President of STMicroelectronics)

Giacomo Pignataro
(Rector of the University of Catania)

Gabriel M. Crean
(Vice-President for Technology & Director Europe – CEA Tech)

Enzo Bianco (Mayor of Catania)

Rosario Crocetta (Governor of Sicily)

Luigi Nicolais (President of CNR)

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Introduction of the Scientific seminar on advanced TEM

Giuseppe Nicotra
(director of Sub-Angstrom Lab at IMM-CNR)

15:10 - 18:30  Speeches by

Quentin Ramasse
(Scientific director at SuperSTEM, Daresbury Laboratories Daresbury, UK)

Nigel D. Browning
(Chief Scientis at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Richland, WA, USA)

Paul A. Midgley
(vice president of the European Microscopy Society and University of Cambridge, UK)

Coffee Break

Paolo Longo
(Applications Scientist at Gatan Inc. Pleasanton, CA, USA)

Eiji Okunishi
(Applications Scientist at JEOL Ltd. Akishima, Tokyo, JP)