Mario Scuderi

Mario Scuderi

MountainsPhD in Physics
Electron Microscopist @ CNR-IMM
post-doc, BeyondNano Sub-Angstrom group.

Address Zona industriale strada VIII n.5
City Catania State/Region Italy
ZIP Code 95121
Phone +39 095 5968 244
email mario.scuderi [at]



Mario Scuderi got his PhD in physics is 2008.

He was visiting student at the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy - Wuerzburg DE, Dipartimento di Fisica - Naples IT and The Pierre Auger Observatory - Malargue AR.

In 2008 - 2009 was the reference person for the software maintenance of COMETA consortium and Pierre Auger Experiment collaboration and was adjunct professor and got some teaching assignments at the university of Catania in 2009 - 2012.
He worked on cosmological simulations with AMR codes, local group dynamic simulation, magnetic fields mapping and developed an estimator to study cosmic rays anisotropy and correlations with candidate sources.

In 2012 Mario Scuderi got a two year PhD fellow at IMM - CNR and since then he work as trasmission electron microscopists on the Beyond Nano Project.

Mario Scuderi is author of more than 60 scientific international papers, one of them got the cover of Science and two of them covers the 1st and 2th positions on "top 25 hottes articles of 2011 - Astroparticle Physics".


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